Pattaya beach at night

The beach in Pattaya is dimly  lit at night is the only activity that will see during a walk are the many Thai girls stationed under the palms in anticipation of some More »

Thailand lady what they think and say

Why some Thai lady sex workers fom Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket say they are happy in their works. This short article is based on discussions with more than 20 energetic as well More »

Pattaya Thailand Transgender

It is fairly common for the topic of transgender to be in direct relationship to Thailand, something that the nation is ending up being more plainly recognized for. In today times many More »

Cheap flight: Pattaya U-Tapao Airport to Chiang Mai and Hat Yai

If you look for Cheap flight from Pattaya U-Tapao Airport to Chiang Mai and Hat Yai, today there are some good news: AirAsia includes much more domestic trips from Pattaya to Chiang More »

Pattaya beach vs Jomtien beach – Video

If you come on this page, you’re probably wondering if it’s better Pattaya beach or Jomtien beach. Pattaya Beach is not the best place to swim, the water is very polluted, and More »

The Ugly Truth About Pattaya: Fraud and scam!

The most simple type of fraud. Well it’s truly fraudulence when you are provided the wrong change in the dining establishment, bar and even at the 7-eleven by function. Like you pay More »

Pattaya lady Secrets Finally Exposed

Pattaya girls look all good and lovely, but don’t trust any of them. Watch this movie and you will understand what I mean! Many lady in Pattaya are ok, but in the More »

Map of Walking Street in Pattaya: Virtual Tour 360°

Wuld you like to take a virtual tour of the Walking Street in Pattaya. Thanks to this map you will be already in the famous Walking Street. Take a look at the More »

Map of Pattaya Beach road: Virtual Tour 360°

This map of Pattaya Beach road allows you to see the streets of the city. You can move around the map and virtually drive along the beach road, finding all destinations and More »

Pattaya: Jomtien Beach Map

Jomtien Beach is situated regarding 2 kms from southern Pattaya. This beach and also the district has actually come to be an increasing number of preferred for swimming, water sports and activities More »

How is Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is a chaotic, populated beach with lounge chairs, umbrellas and bars extending close to the whole 2.5 miles of fine sand and a lot of motorboat traffic in the horizon. More »

Where is Pattaya beach

You want to know where is pattaya beach? Getting there is very easy! Pattaya beach is separated in to the north, principal and south areas. Beginning from Dusit Hotel in the location More »

High season – Low season in Pattaya

Pattaya: From December to April, called the ‘high season’, it is warm and completely dry although December could be refreshingly cool, particularly around Christmas. There are many even more visitors, escaping the More »

Koh Larn island: the beach near Pattaya

Located to the west of Pattaya, Larn isle offers the visitors with attractive sandy seasides, clear water, spectacular landscape and magnificent sundown. The island is 4 km in length and 2 km More »

Pattaya Beach, Naklua and Jomtien Beach

Pattaya’s beaches are nice,  however they aren’t as clean or relaxing as the beaches in various other zone of the nation. They do provide excellent worth and are very practical if you’re More »

Pattaya Ladyboys beach road – Videos

When a person looks into the local Pattaya journals often, he reads about criminal activity, news just like the following: “Ladyboy Pickpocket Gang Arrest” – “visitor robbed by ladyboy group on Pattaya More »

Photo Thai girls 50 -150 years ago

From the pictures we show you’ll understand why Thai girls are by many considered the most beautiful in the world. But it was not always so. Long ago the Thai ladies wore More »

Pattaya beach hotels and accommodation

A full list of hotels located in beach road Pattaya Thailand and some cheap accommodation near the beach. -Baboona Beachfront Living Hotel Many areas at the Baboona Beachfront Living Hotel have actually More »


Songkran in Pattaya 2016

The Songkran festival 2016 is coming and it’s time to prepare water pistols and book your holidays in Pattaya Thailand. Even this year the amazing water festival will be start at 13th to 19th April 2016.Songkran Festival in Thailand is the Thai New Year Festival. Normaly there are 3 days for the main holidays of this festival– 13th to 15th April. However, There are […] Continue Reading…

Is Pattaya heading for another ferry boat disaster? – Video News 2016 – It was just over 2 years ago when a Pattaya ferry hit rocks and overturned killing six tourists on a boat returning from Koh Larn island, the Captain was later found to be high on drugs while in charge of the vessel.

The aftermath of that disaster saw Pattaya City Hall swear it was going to increase safety checks on all active […] Continue Reading…

Walking street Pattaya day time – Video clip

In the Day time the Walking Street of Pattaya looks totally various compared with walking street that we normally used at evening. Where there was a group of visitors and also girls, you will only see pass automobiles and motorcycles, in reality, the most prominent street of Pattaya during the day is open to the traffic. Nonetheless, some bars stay open, yet they are […] Continue Reading…

Pattaya spy cam videos!

The very best location to utilize a spy cam is absolutely Pattaya. In this seaside resort in Thailand there are many intriguing situations where you can use your spy glasses in secret. When utilizing a spy cam however we should make sure not to be discovered! As you do the shooting constantly try to be unwinded and also do not provide also much interest, […] Continue Reading…

Royal Cliff Pattaya Hotel on the beach -Videos

Enter a globe of exclusivity as well as fascination at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group as well as experience an exotic setting throughout its 64-acres of lush exotic gardens forgeting the turquoise sea of the Gulf of Thailand; the Pattaya deluxe resort consists of 4 five superstar resorts with its very own ambiance and also character to cater for the different lifestyle: Royal Cliff […] Continue Reading…

Video British Man crazy in Pattaya!

Pattaya News 2016– At 08.30 am Pol.Lt.Col.Pawatchai Sudsakorn- deputy superintendent of Pattaya police headquarters- was informed that a crazy foreigner was remaining on the terrace of an apartment in Central Pattaya. After notification the law enforcement agent rushed to the scene.

At the scene the police officers discovered Mr.David John Riding aged 59 from England who was singing rested on his veranda with a steel […] Continue Reading…

Pattaya Island: Russian Attacked by Monkey – Videos

Medics carried a 4-year-old Russian Boy from Larn Island to a Health center in Pattaya on Tuesday Early morning after he maintained a significant monkey bite to his leg.

The event happened at Nuan Coastline on Larn Island, which is well-known for its monkey population. The young boy was with his family at the time and was feeding the apes when a dominant male monkey, […] Continue Reading…

Video Nightlife in Soi 8 Pattaya 2016

Here you will find an amazing review and a collection of videos about Soi 8 in Pattaya, we start with the first video that show one Afternoon in Pattaya in 2016. The Video was taken also in Soi Buakhao, Soi Diana, Soi 7, Soi 8 and Pattaya beach.

Soi 8 review.

To begin with a reward inquiry: apart soi 8 how many bars do you […] Continue Reading…

Music Pattaya Pattaya song

Here are the words that make up the now famous song called “Pattaya Pattaya”. Written and sung by Lou Deprijck, Belgian composer and writer born in Lessines. He currently resides in Pattaya in Thailand, where he published several disks in Thai. More than just a piece of music from the relentless rhythm “Pattaya” is a catchphrase that grabs you and makes you sing drinking […] Continue Reading…

Pattaya Authorities examine viral Facebook video couple making love!

In Pattaya, every night, anything goes, no one notices, but when the facts end up online then the problems begin: on New Year’s Eve a raunchy video clip was published on Facebook illustrating a guy and also, just what is believed to be a Ladyboy, taking part in sexual acts in a toilet thought to lie inside a Club in Pattaya.

Cops are now searching […] Continue Reading…

Buying fake goods in Thailand: Video from Bangkok

On streets in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and also in some shopping malls, numerous counterfeit Rolexes, DVDs, Gucci style accessories and other products are honestly on sale.

International travelers group to Thailand’s ubiquitous street markets, interested by the feel and look of the top notch counterfeit goods openly on screen and the low-cost prices proclaimed by promotes.

The atmosphere of carefree shopping in public for such items […] Continue Reading…

How to Buy Thai Condominiums or apartment in Thailand? Rules and tips!

Before buying an apartment in Thailand it is better think 1000 times before taking a decision, haste has never been a good counselor; this applies both to Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket! Here you will find some questions to ask yourself  before buying a home or a thai land. Here you can read all frequently asked questions, rules and tips to buy your home safely!

As a foreigner can I buy […] Continue Reading…

Videos Walking street and fireworks Pattaya happy New Year 2015- 2016

In this article you will find all about the happy New Year party 2015- 2016, which was celebrated in Pattaya beach. Tourists and Thais have celebrated together the arrival of the New Year 2016. We present the best an incredible collection of photo, news videos to remember the fireworks and celebrations of the Pattaya new years eve. The walking street pattaya was full of […] Continue Reading…

Russian Go-Go Bars in Pattaya: police know where to find it!

It suggests a difficult period for Russian girls who work in Pattaya Thailand in 2016. The Tourist Police, with the Crime Suppression Police from Bangkok conducted raids on two Russian Go-Go Bars on Walking Street in the early hours of Tuesday.

Regardless of the pubs operating for many years in full view of the authorities, Police decided enough time has come to raid two of […] Continue Reading…

Pattaya beach swimming

Swimming in Pattaya is not the important issue that you do not expect a clean sea and seabed with corals. one of the most unpleasant for those who want to dive into the sea of Pattaya are watercraft that continue to speed
alongside with the risk of hitting you as you swim.

To avoid this problem local authorities have placed a series of buoys […] Continue Reading…

Happy New Year in Pattaya: Countdown Festival 2016 – Video

Spend New Year 2015-2016 in Pattaya can be a fun experience, in this regard a press conference had been held at Central Festival Pattaya Beach on Monday to announce the Pattaya Countdown Festival that is upcoming 2016. Thai people are always ready to party and this year they want to offer visitors moments of lightheartedness.

The big event will be held between 29th and 31st […] Continue Reading…

New rules regarding Overstay blacklisting in Thailand

BANGKOK: — They will begin by March 2016 the new rules regarding Overstay blacklisting in Thailand!
Thailand’s Immigration Bureau could begin blacklisting foreign people who remain beyond result from March for their visa period 2016.

The decree that is royal the blacklisting is expected becoming promulgated in belated March, said bureau chief Pol Maj Gen Natthorn Prosunthorn.

He stated that the foreigners will be divided in to […] Continue Reading…

Thai girl for married in Pattaya: Don’t Be an April Fool!

The majority of people do not in fact obtain married in Pattaya Some fulfill their Financial’s there as well as prefer to marry someplace much more charming. The huge bulk of vacationer that check out Pattaya have their enjoyable and after that carry on as well as neglect as soon as they have actually returned house.

If you wish to wed a Thai girl, you […] Continue Reading…

A Pattaya Survival Guide: girls and love stories!

If we know better than the people we’re dealing with every day and with whom we share much of our time and of our hard-earned gains, then we will live better both in Pattaya and the rest of the world. Many girls during your stay in Pattaya they will make you believe that you are great seducers and you start to think that we […] Continue Reading…

Australian man killed in Pattaya Thailand

An Australian man has reportedly been killed in Pattaya. His name is Wayne Schneider.

In the early hours of Monday, a 38-year-old Australian was abducted from the front of his high-end rental property in Jomtien. Authorities are looking for a fellow Australian who is presumed of belonging to a 5-man gang who were associated with the victim’s kidnapping.

The occurrence happened at the Jomtien Park […] Continue Reading…